About Me

OK, so if you have clicked on this page; you are obviously interested in learning a little more about me. I will try to keep is short and sweet. I'm sure you don't feel like reading my full biography.

I am just a simple girl who was born and raised in Metro Atlanta, GA. I took a few years off from school after finishing high school. Then I moved down to Albany, GA to attend Albany State University. This was a huge culture shock for me. Going from a big city to a tiny town was a little hard for me to adjust to. They only have ONE mall....what is that about?!? It doesn't even have a Macys.

I worked full time while I was attending college. It was tough at times but I finally finished after 5 years. While I was working I met my future husband. He was / is a super sweet guy so of course I wasn't interested at first. After two years of chasing me down I finally decided to oblige him with a date. The rest is history. We got Married November 29, 2008 and the next year my life changed forever!!

The birth of my baby girl brought about a whole life change. Things were no longer all about me. It was now her world and I'm just living in it. She has changed my perception on so many things. She has also turned me into a girly girl; which I never thought would happen.

Things have been crazy ever since then but I would not change anything. I love my life and I love my family!
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