Friday, September 9, 2011

Quick Update: Where the heck have I been?

I took a super long hiatus from blogging to try to get some order back in my life...yeah, that didn't work. I was struggling in my classes so I tried to concentratee more on studying. Who knew that work 60 hours a week plus other household duties would make studying so hard. Unfortunately; I wasn't able to recover in time and ended up with a 2.99 GPA and we are required to maintain a 3.0. So I was pretty much kicked out of school with no chance of getting back in until December. I took this as God telling me that I needed a little break....

Other than the school situation; things have not quite settled down at work yet. We are no longer short staffed but the stress level has not been reduced. I'm still hanging in there and making the best of it. Everyday hoping that things will get better *fingers crossed*

My baby girl is no longer a baby. She has started 3 Pre-k in August and she loves it. We also got her started in gymnastics. The goal was to try to burn up some of that extra energy that she has EVERY day. Unfortunately, gymnastics for her age is only offered one day a week. What the heck is one day a week going to do for me? I'll tell you...not a gosh darn thing. She enjoys it so I guess that's all that really matters.

So that is what has been going on in my world. I hope that everyone out there is doing well. Thank you for sticking in there with me.
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