Monday, January 24, 2011

Best Birthday EVER!!

We just got back from my birthday weekend in Atlanta. I'm completely worn out but it was soooo worth it. I was really worried about what my husband had planned. It turned out to be my best birthday ever and I wouldn't change a thing about the weekend.

The original plan was to drive up to Atlanta Thursday night but I was really tired so we decided to leave Friday morning. I kept begging the hubby to let me know what the plan for the weekend was but he refused. Some say that I'm a control freak...I just need to know what's going on at all times. Is that a control freak?!?

We got to Atlanta and just hung out at my brother-in-laws house. I was thinking "There better be more planned then just sitting on the couch all day." Then around 6:00 he told me that we were meeting my mom for dinner. That's cool but not quite what I expected. We went to a pizza place called Chicago's Nancy where my uncle was playing his saxophone. Two of my aunts, two of my cousins were also there and it was really great to see them.
Pizza this big should be illegal

The next day was my official birthday and I was waken up my my precious daughter singing happy birthday to me. To start the day off even better; my sister-in-law made us French toast, bacon, and fresh fruit for breakfast (bye bye diet).

I was then told that we were all going to all have lunch at my favorite restaurant.

Olive Garden (OG) we come

When we got there my mom was already there waiting on us. Then I turned around and saw one of my best friend that just moved back form Canada. What a great surprise. My mom told me that we were still waiting on some more people to come. Me being the control freak curious person that I am; I asked her who else was planning on coming. Of course she wouldn't tell me.

More people started coming and it was some of my favorite family members that I don't get to see that often. We finally sat down and the table. I was enjoying my oh so tasty glass of Moscato and then I I looked up and standing there was....


I hadn't seen my brother is almost six year. I ran to him and hugged him like it was a scene out of one of those sappy movies. I almost started crying but rememberer that my mascara wasn't waterproof. That was the best gift that I could have ever gotten for my birthday. I have missed my brother so much.

The hubby did good! Maybe I shouldn't doubt him so much...
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