Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I was sooooo not ready...

I just had to share this with you all...

The day was just like any normal day. I was off but took little bit to school so I could get caught up on some of my homework. There is nothing like spending you day off writing papers, answering discussion questions, and of course doing a little laundry.

Well, after I got done with my homework; I went to go pick up baby girl from school. The previous week she began getting notes on her daily sheet saying that she was not listening. This was a little odd because she never had trouble in home is a totally different story. Wen I got to the school she was so excited to tell me that she was good in school and did not get a note on her paper.

As a little treat I let her decide what she wanted for dinner. Go figure..she wanted Burger King and wanted to eat outside by the playground.  The weather was great that day so I decided what the heck...why not?!? We got up to the counter to order and I pulled my debit card out of my pocket. The problem is  that my card was completely split in half. My card was already splitting but I was holding on to it for dear life. It finally decided to give out on me today. It was quite embarrassing because they can't just enter the number; they have to swipe the card.  The cashier called the manager out and the manager; who proceeded to try to tape my card back up for me.

Then she turned and looks at me and said

"You know you can get a new card for free...right"

I replied

"yes, I'm aware of that; I just haven't had time to go to the bank."

Anyway we were able to finally get the card to swipe and got out food. We went outside to the playground an one of her friends happened to be there too.He is one of baby girl's favorite friends at the school.  The two of them ran around the playground for what seemed like hours. It was so cute...if one of them lost the other; they would come as us where the other one was.

The next thing I know they are both standing by the bridge and he gives baby girl a big deal. Well baby girl decided to reciprocate by planting a big kiss on his lips!!!!

Did I just witness my daughter's first kiss? Or is this just the first one that I have seen?

His mom and I just looked at each other completely stunned. The first thing she said is is to make sure I tell my husband that it was baby girl that initiated the kiss.

Baby girl is only two...she is not suppose to be kissing boys yet.  I am sooooo not ready for this.

Do you remember your first kiss?
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