Friday, February 11, 2011

My other birthday surprise

Wow!! Talk about slacking. This was part II of my birthday post that was suppose to be up more than two weeks ago.  I have been working like crazy and this statistics class that I am taking is really kicking my tail...

Without further ado....Here is part II (hey, that rhymed)

Before we left to go to Atlanta; the hubby told me to buy something really nice to wear. This was going to be part of my second birthday surprise.

So I went shopping which I love to do. The only problem is that I absolutely HATE shopping for clothes by myself. I am not good at putting together outfits. If it is not on the mannequin then I usually don't buy it. I spent two hours walking around the mall like a lost child.  Finally, I walked into Belks and saw the perfect dress.
A Byer Ruffle Front Pickup Dress
It's not that short on me

That was the easy part. The hard part was getting shoes to go with it. I felt really creepy because I asked a couple of complete strangers what kind of shoes they would wear with the dress. An hour later I finally picked out some shoe.

Well, we got up to Atlanta I remembered that my birthday is in the middle of the flippin winter and I was going to freeze my buns off in the dress. My sister-in-law convinced me to stick with the dress and promised we wouldn't be outside long.

After my surprise birthday lunch we came back to the house to rest before the rest of my birthday festivities were to commence. After what was suppose to be a nap (Kyla was not cooperating; as usual); we finally got dressed.

I have to admit; there is something about putting on a cute dress and some heels that really makes you feel super confident.  The hubby was loving the dress. It's probably the second or third time that he has ever seen me in a dress.

Part II of my birthday included going to the Fox Theater to see the Blue Man Group.  It is so sad that I have lived in Atlanta most of my life and have only driven by the Fox Theater.  The show was fantastic and I had such a great time.  

After the show we went to grab something to eat and to end my birthday on a perfect note; we had to stop by one more spot.

The night couldn't have ended any better :)
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