Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It’s Over!

*Sigh* my nine-day vacation has come to an end and its back to work I go. I had a great vacation even though I didn't do anything spectacular. Being home for nine days made me realize how much I miss being home every day. Because I work mostly in the evenings I never get to be home to read to Kyla and tuck her in the bed at night. I miss the family dinners and trips to the park. There are so many precious moment that I miss out on because of work. For all you stay at home moms please treasure those moments that you have with your children. You are truly blessed to have the opportunity to be home with them daily. I know that it can be a headache sometimes and you may want to pull out your hair but it is so worth it.

I know that my working hard now will pay off later and everything that I do is for Kyla. It will all be worth it to me if when she gets older she appreciates the sacrifices I made for her. This vacation has taught me to take advantage of every little moment that you have. Never take the people you love and that love you for granted.

Be Blessed


Lady L

=( The worst part vacations are that they have to come to an end.

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