Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My new addiction

As I mentioned before my daughter has changed my whole world. One of the major changes is my transformation from tomboy to girly girl. I NEVER thought I would be girly. I was that girl that used to wear her brother's clothes to school (we wore the same size).

Within the last month or so I have become borderline obsessed with everything beauty related. Right now I am working on makeup. Last week I order a palette of 88 eyeshadows by Coastal Scents.

 I couldn't wait to get it. It came right in time for my vacation from work. I will let you guys join me on my journey. You will get to see some of my hit or miss looks. I am good with constructive critisisms so let me have it. Also if you have any suggestions for some color combinations or looks I'm all ears. So let the fun begin:
Wow..I didn't realize how shiny my face looked with the flash. Have to remember to use powder before taking pics next time.



WOW that is way too many eyshadows for just one person. I thought I was bad with my singles, doubles, and quads....LOL!


My husband would agree with you. You should see my bathroom counter

Lady L

Good Lord! I know who to call if I'm in need of some eyeshadow. Makes me want to have a slumber party!


LOL, this is too funny because this is the very same palette that got my road to all things makeup on a roll. Its very versatile, just gotta make sure to prime them eyes to reduce fall out. But I still loves it to this day!

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