Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Look-"Peacock"

This is a look I tried that one of my sorority sisters suggested :

I made this look using five colors:
on the inner lid I used a matte ivory
next to the ivory I used a matte lime
Then a matte green
and on the outer corner and lid a turquoise.
I lined my bottom lid with a bright purple pencil eyeliner
Please disregard my scraggly eyebrows...they are a work in progress :)

Most of these look I would never really wear out, but I just enjoy experimenting and trying new things.  One of my creative outlets. I did wear this one out of the house and got several compliment on it. The best compliment came from Kyla "mommy's eyes pretty".


Kara Marie

LOVE the makeup!!! I wish I could do that :)
Found you on Follow Friday on BlogFrog - so fun!!

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