Monday, October 4, 2010

Diaries of a shopaholic in training

My daughter is only 2 1/2 and I have already passed on my shopaholic ways down to her. Every day when she wakes up and when she gets home from school she will ask to go to the store. She knows about money and understands the concept of not having enough. To make things worse. She has been swiping my debit card for at least a year now...I've created a monster mini-me.

 Well when I finally woke up this morning she immediately told me that she wanted to go to the store. She grabs both her purses puts on her shoes and sunglasses.  Lets not forget her computer and her cellphone (not a real one of course). She stood there by the door telling me that she was ready to go.

After finally talking her out of going to the store we decide to go out side so she could ride her bike. As soon as we get outside she starts walking to the truck.

Me: Kyla where are you going?

Kyla: Kyla (yes, she speaks about herself in 3rd person) go to the store.

Me: Baby, we're not going to the store today.

Kyla: Kyla wants to go to the store.

Me: Baby, mommy doesn't have any money to go to the store

Kyla: Mommy no have money?

Me: No, mommy doesn't have any money

Kyla :*reaches in her pocket* Here mommy.... *hands me a quarter*

Me: No baby, that is your money.

Kyla: No, mommy can have it cause mommy no have money.

Awww...I thought this was the sweetest thing ever. I wanted to take her to the store and buy her three new toys just for being so sweet. It is moments like thing that give me a ray of hope of making it through the terrible-twos.

Oh did I mention that I was 15 minutes late for work that day because she put my keys in her purse?
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