Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweet Escape

The last time that I had the chance to go to a spa was when I was pregnant and my husband bought me a spa visit for Christmas. This should let you know that I was long over due for another visit. If any of you follow me on twitter; you know that I have been suffering from daily migraines. Along with the migraines; my neck and back have been killing me.

So I decided to splurge and treat myself to an massage and facial. I was looking forward to this for days. I couldn't wait to get a chance to escape and relax. 

I had a really good time but things did not quite go as smoothly as I would like....go figure. When I go there I signed in and was led to the locker room to change clothes. I really wanted to take some pics to show everyone but my cell phone was confiscated (am I back in third grade?). They handed me a very nice robe and a piece of fabric that I was very confused about. I assumed that it was suppose to fit on like a tub dress but it kept falling down so I figured it was just suppose to cover my bottom half. WRONG!! I totally flashed the lady. I don't know who was more embarrassed. She had to get me a smaller gown to wear and we continued on to begin my facial.

I am always worried about getting facials because I have very sensitive skin. I made sure that I let her know this before she began. Everything was going very good and my stomach started to rumble...not the I'm hungry rumble...the gas one. This couldn't really be happening to me right now. I blame the five pound of broccoli I eat a day. There was no way that I could sneak it out and her not know. I refused to mess up the lavender fragrance that was surrounding me. So what did I do? I tensed m booty up so tight you wouldn't be able to get a piece of dental floss in between my checks.

Whew, the feeling finally went away. She began to do an extraction which is where the remove the blackheads and unclogged your pores. She warned me that it might be a little painful and to let her know if I couldn't take it. Ha....who was she talking to? I have 8 tattoo and I've given birth so I was pretty sure I could handle it. Well, this was my second time being wrong. It was pretty painful and I teared up once or twice but I didn't let her know. I had never had an extraction before and she said she was having a really hard time because my pores were so blocked (ewww). My poor little nose was so red afterwards (Oh, did I mention that I now have sores on both sides of my nose?). We finally got done and I was more than ready for my massage.

I was kinda hoping for a big hunky Swedish man named Schvinn(sp) but instead I got a short lady name Ina. I'm not going to complain because she worked those little hands. She was so good that I started drooling as I was laying there....and she heard me. To put this icing on the cake as I was turning from my front to my back my gown shift and I had a nip slip. Great I flashed  two people in one day!

I had to leave them a good tip to make up for everything. I would totally understand if they did not me come back. Have you every had an embarrassing experience like this?

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