Saturday, October 16, 2010

These Boots Aren’t Made for Walking

It's not very often that I get a night out with the girls but last week I went to my first concert in about 11 years. I absolutely love music! It motivates me and makes me so happy. I am one of those people who crank up the music and dances around the house while doing chores. When I say I love music; I meant 99% of all music. I listen to it all….except heavy metal (gives me a headache). Anyway, my favorite R&B singer is Monica Arnold and I have been trying to see her in concert for a while. My sorority sister(T) and I were supposed to go see her concert in Atlanta in August but those plans fell through. Well three days before the concert here in town; my husband surprised me with some tickets. Although I should have been completely and utterly excited; I honestly was lukewarm about the event. One reason I wasn't ecstatic about it was because the concert was on the college campus. I don't have the patients to deal with most of those students anymore. The second reason is because I had to be up at 4AM the next day for work.

It wasn't until the day of the concert when my sorority sister and I were shopping for an outfit; that I started to get excited. That excitement quickly faded when I tried on three pair of pants and none of them fit...I felt like I was bathing suit shopping all over again. After two hours and losing my keys in the mall; we finally made it back home to get ready to go. It is amazing how putting on some cute clothes and some makeup can change your whole mood. I knew we were going to have to wait in line so I made sure that I wore my most comfortable boots I own.

The doors to the auditorium opened at 7 and the concert started at 8. T's nephew was already on campus so he was holding a spot in line. When we go there; there were about 10 people in line in front of us…awesome. We stood in line for about 40 minutes before the finally opened the door. When we entered the auditorium we opted to stand up front near the stage instead of sitting in the bleachers. There happened to be 15 million five opening acts before Monica finally came out there. By the time the last opening act was coming on stage; my feet started killing me. T had already taken off her shoes but I had on knee high boots; which is a little harder to sneak off. When Monica came on stage; all was forgotten. I danced around and sung like I was rocking a pair of New Balance tennis shoes.

Man, did I pay for that…

The pain can back tenfold when Monica's set was done. I couldn't walk…I was in such pain. I had to take my shoes off to walk to the car and I didn't care that I had to walk through the wet grass. I just glad I didn't step on any dog poop. I got home and I was really hoping my husband would still be awake so he could carry me in the house. He was already in the bed of course. When I finally got into the bed; my feet were still throbbing. I really wanted a foot massage but I didn't think I could bear anyone touching my feet. I woke up the next day and forgot about my feet….until I stepped out of bed. My feet still hurt…What the Heck?!?

That day at work was a very long day due to lack of sleep and sore feet but it was so worth it. I am so glad that I went to the concert because I had a blast. It also worked out better for me to go the concert here in town because we were in the front row. If it would have gone to the concert in Atlanta; there would be no telling how far back I would have been. Plus the ticket were half the price of the ones in Atlanta. My husband did a good job. I knew there was a reason that I keep him around j/k. I also learned that next time I go to a concert; I will be wearing flats...

Here are a few pics from that night:

Here is Kyla wearing my boots the next day

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