Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Reason I Wear Pink

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Most people assume that I wear pink because I'm a girly-girl and girly-girls like pink. This couldn't be any further than the truth for me. I just recently turned into a girly-girl. You can ask my mother that I absolutely hated pink. Blue was my favorite color...I was such a tomboy.

It wasn't until 1997 that I started liking pink. I can't really remember exactly when my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer but I remember that it changed my life forever. My grandmother was the glue that keep my dad's crazy side of the family together. When I first found out that she was diagnosed; I did not really understand the severity of the situation. I just thought she was sick, she would take some medicine and everything would be back to normal. She began to undergo chemotherapy and as a result she lost all of her beautiful hair. I think that was when I realized that it was serious and she eventually had to get a mastectomy.
The cancer went into remission and life went back to "normal"; until the cancer came back.

My 16th birthday was January 22, 1997(go ahead and do the math) and I remember my grandmother calling my to wish me a happy birthday. We had such a great conversation and I promised that I would call her the next week. I never got the chance to make that next call. Almost a week to the day; my dad comes into my room and woke me up. Before he even said anything I started crying and said "I already know". I will never forget that moment. As I write this post my eye are welling up with tears. This was the day I started wearing pink.

Ever since that day; I have been an avid breast cancer awareness supporter. I don't just support breast cancer awareness when it is October; I am a year round supporter. I am always looking to things to buy that sends a portion of the proceeds to research. I donate money to research and I hope to do a walk like the Avon breast cancer walk next year.

I would invite everyone to visit Breast Cancer Research Foundation or Susan G. Komen websites for more information and ways to get involved.

Why do you wear pink?
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