Saturday, November 6, 2010

Early Christmas Present

I have been asking for a new vacuum cleaner for at least six months and my husband has been insistent that we didn't need one. The vacuum cleaner that we had was on its last leg and pretty much sucked as far as I was concerned. I wold vacuum and still see things on the floor. Anyone who has and infant or a toddler knows how important it is to have clean floors. My daughter is a firm believer in the 5-second rule; no matter how much I get on her for that.

After months of begging, pleading and a few sexual favors; I finally broke the hubby down and off to Walmart we went.

Introducing my new Vacuum Cleaner: The Hoover Windtunne1 Purely Clean $119.00 at Walmart

 There are so many great features that I love about this vacuum. It has a rinsable HEPA filter which I was very excited about.

It has a foldable handle that my daughter is enjoying playing with. I love anything that helps to save space because we seem to never have enough space.

There is also a indicator to let you know when its time to change the bag, rinse the filter, or if there is a clog.

No more wrapping up the cord it had a 27-foot cord that retracts with a push of the pedal.

I think one of my favorite accessories is the upholstery cleaner. This comes in so handy especially since I have a dog. It really helps to get the hair of the furniture.

I was like a kid at Christmas. I couldn't wait to get home and try it out. I was excited and disgusted at the results. w just vacuumed two days ago and this is what the vacuum picked up. To imagine I was just on the ground working out that morning....ewww.

I am in love with my new toy. I can workout on the floor with out fear of getting the cooties. Life is good!
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