Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Raspberry Beret

The worse haircut is not one that I paid for..I would pay to forget it happened. I was in first grade and had just got home from school. I can't recall where my mother was that day but my brother and I were home alone; which is never a good combination. I could tell you some stories of the stuff we would get it to.

Well, this particular afternoon; I decided that I was going to go find some stuff to get into in my daddy's bath room (big no-no).  I was playing around with my dad's hair clippers acting like I was cutting my hair...I wasn't of course.  My brother came down and decided to play with me. So we were pretending to give each other hair cuts but what I did not know it that he was really giving me one. I had no idea what was going on because I was too short to see in the mirror.

I knew something was wrong when my brother started laughing and ran out of the room. I immediately climbed on the sink to find that the front third of my my hair had been shaved off.... How evil could my brother be?!?

My first thought was not about my hair but what my daddy was going to do when he found out. I went to bed EXTRA early that night to avoid seeing my dad. Of course with me being his baby girl he came into my room to give me a hug and kiss good night.

My dad was fuming and even though he was upset with me he was pissed at my brother. He stormed out of my room and had some words with my brother. I had my ear to the wall laughing because I didn't want to miss any of it.

The next morning it hit me that I was actually going to have to leave the house looking like 60-year old balding man. My parent found me a hat to wear to school that day. Well, my EVIL first grade teacher (who gave me nightmares until I graduated college) pulled me into the hallway and told me I couldn't wear my my hat. I slowly removed my hat to show her my hair and she laughed....she frickin laughed at me. She told me I couldn't wear that kind of hat but gave be a red beret to wear. I will never forget my first haircut.

Fast forward 15 years later when I had my car accident. They had to shave part of my head for the stitches...did I mention that I had just got my hair done that week. I was horrified and refused to leave the house. My brother came over to see me and I wouldn't come out of the room.

He slipped a picture under the door and said "it can't be as bad as this"

It was a picture from that first grade incident. I couldn't help but laugh and come out of the room. I wish I had that picture to share with you or maybe I'm glad I don't.

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