Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We Made It Another Year

*Whew* We made it another year. Even though we have only been married three years; we have definitely had our share of ups and down. We've stuck it out and here we are today.

As you are all my cyber girlfriends; I have to share with you what happened on our anniversary yesterday.

Originally, I had weekend plans for our anniversary. I wanted to go to Atlanta and have someone keep Kyla overnight so that we could go out and have a good time just the two of us because that NEVER happens. I was really proud of myself because I had everything planned out. Unfortunately and fortunately we had to change those plans because the hubby got a promotion at work and had to work over the weekend.

OK, so now its Monday morning and it is officially our anniversary. I am awakened my baby girl crying for mama. She must have know it was a special day because she actually slept in until 8AM. So I roll out of my bed and get her ready for school....Thank God for school because she drove me friggin' crazy this weekend.  

My hubby goes outside to warm the truck up and he tell me "let's go".


Where the h are we going? I haven't worked out yet or taken a bath....I'm not going anywhere or so I thought. I'm glad I had brushed my teeth already. We dropped baby girl off at daycare and we went to eat breakfast; stinking booty and all. After we had a delicious breakfast at my favorite local breakfast spot; he allowed me to go home and workout and take an bath...

Next stop was the spa...YAY! I got treated to a very much needed pedi / mani. 

This little piggy went to the market....

By this point I am officially starving and contemplating taking a nice healthy bite out of the hubby's arm if he doesn't feed me soon. I'm letting him make all the plans for the day so I let him choose the restaurant.  I was just praying that he wouldn't pick the restaurant I work at. He did good...

We ended up eating at the very restaurant where we first met. The place where it all began. The hubby got a little upset because the people who haven't seen me in years still love me and even remember what I like to eat. He has always had a little issue with how much people love me; he says I have and aura about me.  People either really hate me or love me.

Dang, is it time to get baby girl already? Well that was fun while it lasted. The hubby went to go pickup baby girl while I worked on a little homework. I hate to admit it but in the back of my head I was wondering if the spa visit all I was getting for our anniversary. Don't get me wrong I really loved it but I kinda wanted something tangible to remember the day. My memory isn't worth a flip and by next week I probably would have forgotten everything that happened.

Hubby and baby girl came home with another!!!
What do you think he had in mind when he bought these...hmmmm?
I'm lucky to have such a great husband he listens and pays attention to everything I say. Sometimes that a bad thing but mostly its a great thing. The hubby read my post about getting my swag back and he is helping me do just that.

I love that guy!!

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