Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I've Been Tagged

Oh's been years since I've played a good game of tag. Well, I have just been tagged by the awesome Sara over at 8aplenty.  As part of this game I have to answers a few questions and then tag four other blogger.

So let the games begin:

4 Things in my Handbag: (Heck that's everything other than the kitchen wouldn't fit)

  1. a 5-hour energy shot for those long night of work and then schoolwork
  2. My makeup bag...never leave home with out it
  3. My Cosmopolitan Magazine...don't judge me
  4. A DVD from Redbox that was supposed to be returned 4 days ago

4 Things in/on my desk.: - I don't have a desk at work so I will use my table at home for this question

  1. A Zebra Daisies pen that I got as a free sample
  2. My daughter's scrapbook of all her artwork from school
  3. One of the attachments to my new vacuum...why the heck is that there?
  4. A huge pile of unnecessary papers that probably need to be thrown out

4 Favorite thing in my bedroom:
  1. bed
  2. My bed
  3. My blanket
  4. Oh, and my closet

4 things I always wanted to do (but haven't yet):
  1. I've always wanted to go skiing. My parent would go every year and all we got were some dang pictures
  2. Go to law school. I always wanted to be a lawyer but I'm not so sure anymore. Think I would rather just be a mom
  3. Go skydiving. I'm a little dare devil
  4. Learning how to take and edit great picture

4 Things I enjoy very much at the moment:
  1. The sweet kiss from my baby girl
  2. Getting to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends
  3. The leftover Halloween candy
  4. My husband's Spaghetti 

4 Songs I can't get out of my head:

  1. Whip my Hair- Willow Smith
  2. Let it snow -  Boyz II Men
  3. I hope she cheats on you - Marsha Ambrosius
  4. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

4 Things you don't know about me:
  1. I am a closet nerd who likes to read and learn new things everyday
  2. My biggest pet peeve is rude people. Please use the magic words..please,thank you, sorry, etc.
  3. I am afraid of all bugs and insects. This includes flies, butterflies, spiders, etc.
  4. I've never seen 'A Christmas Story'. Isn't that sacrilegious?!?
Now it's my turn to tag 4 bloggers:
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