Thursday, December 23, 2010

I can finally breathe...

Today was my first day off in Eight days. You can imagine how tired I am. Not only did I have to work all those days in a row. My teacher apparently had it out for me as well. The week before Christmas we had to read five chapters, do a team paper, an individual paper, six discussion questions, a test, plus our participation points. I am so thankful that I made it through last week. We actually get two weeks off for a winter break. This is so needed because I've been in school with not even a day break since April. So I am going to enjoy not having to come home from work and work on homework. Heck, I might actually be able to get some blogging in.

*Fingers crossed*

So now it is time to get ready for my first Christmas here at my home. I finally got done with all of my shopping today. Thank God for online shopping and overnight shipping. Shopping in always the hardest part of the Christmas season. I never know what to give people, because I know how picky I am.

Things have been pretty fun here with the elf on the shelf. I didn't think my daughter would be old enough to really understand the concept but she loves it. Every morning she wakes up and  rushes to find  Doctor (that's what she named him) the elf and say good morning.  It was so cute this morning Doctor was on her toy bike and she was trying to push it into the bedroom to show us and Doctor fell off. She wouldn't touch it because it would have lost its powers. Its amazing how much she understand concepts that I wouldn't think she would.

Today was mama's relaxation day. I sent little bit off to school and the hubby was at work. I was able to get a good workout in and relax for a while. Then I went to lunch with one of my girlfriends that I hadn't seen in about a year. I really enjoyed  being able to relax without having to worry about work or school work. What a great feeling. Too bad I'm only off  two more days.

Oh well....

Are you ready for Christmas?
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