Monday, September 13, 2010

Review: FUZE Healthy Infuzions: Slenderize

As many of you may already know...I'm currently in sugar rehab. Luckily it is an outpatient rehab center because I have too much stuff to do to be locked up for 21 days.

I have been trying to find something to satisfy my sweet tooth without resorting to candy, cake, cookies, and doughnuts (did I just drool as I typed that?!?). Anyway, a few months ago I was reading one of my fitness magazines while eating candy and saw an ad for FUZE Beverages. They have different products but the one being advertised was their FUZE Slenderize drinks. I love to try new things; so the next morning I stopped by the store and pick one up.

The first one that I tried was the tropical fruit 
It was $1.79; which is a little bit cheaper than a bottle of soda. I popped it open and almost spilled it because it was filled to the rim(YES!!). Of course the next thing I had to do was smell it...yes, I smell my food and drinks. It smelled so sweet and delicious; so I was automatically preparing myself for a let down. OMG!!....I was wrong. This was so good that before I left the parking lot I went back in the store to get another flavor.

Now on to my next surprise. I remember in the ad that it said the product was low calories and low carbs. but after tasting it I couldn't believe it. Check out the label: 5 calories per serving and 1g of carbs. per serving. You can't beat that. It comes with 18.5 FL oz which is two servings. It is also loaded with healthy antioxidants and a full does of Vitamin C. There are six wonderful flavors to choose from. Pick one up and try it today! You can purchase these at your local grocery store, drug store and some gas stations.

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